Perforated Pizza Peel, Rectangular Pizza Turning Peel, Professional Anodized Aluminum Turning Pizza Paddle

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The rectangular shape long-handle metal pizza shovel is made of light and durable anodized aluminum are lighter than the comparable peels yet offers incredible strength and durability. Surface is easier to put the control pizza baking situation, rotate, move and so on! 

On its head, each pizza peel has hard film anodizing to protect its surface from oxidation, not only resistant to high temperatures but also wear resistant. lighter than comparable materials, but with incredible strength and durability. Plus, this pizza peel is bound to last 5 to 8 times longer than regular pizza peel.     

This grilling pizza peel is 22" long total, including the blade and handle. The blade itself is 12x14, Width does well for personal side and commercial up to 12" with a 2" 'tongue' connected to the handle. This peel to lift and carry heavily loaded pizzas from prep areas to the oven and back with stability and ease.     

Aluminum heads milled, beveled edge makes it easier to take hold of the pizza so that pizza better slip, more easily into the oven. Pizza peel perforated allow you to use less cornmeal or flour when transferring the pizza from the work station to the pizza oven, be released from the bottom of the, making the bottom of the pizza more crispy.     

For further ease of use, each professional pizza peel has a 8" handle that keeps the user's hands further away from hot oven surfaces. This classic all aluminum peel has been designed to act as an extension of the users arm and is durable enough to stand up to continuous use.     

This rectangular pizza peel is a excellent father's day, mother's day gifts, Christmas gift, thanksgiving kitchen accessories, boxing day specials to your family, friends. Must have kitchen products,100% satisfaction guarantee.     

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