Caulk Nozzle Scraper Set Reusable Sealant Angle Scraper

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 Caulk Nozzle Scraper Set Reusable Sealant Angle Scraper

Product Description:

  1. Sealing and caulking.
  2. Easy to clean and reusable.
  3. Premium material.
  4. 3 x different sizes nozzles.
  5. Triangular design scraper.

Product Features:

  • With the Caulk Nozzle and Scraper Set, you can begin sealing and caulking activities. The nozzles come in a variety of radiuses to suit your sealing requirements.
  • The caulking toolset is reusable and easy to clean. When it comes to caulking jobs, these tools are awesome!
  • Made out of none sticky special materials. Soft silicone trowel and easy to use.
  • The nozzle has 3 different sizes of radius and could be fixed firmly.
  • Triangular design stainless scraper for removal exists.
  • Surface clean made and had a smooth finish.

Color as shown
Type: Caulk Nozzle and Scraper Set
Material: none sticky special materials
Function: sealing and caulking


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