Diving Led Light With Radio Frequency Remote Control, Underground Swimming Pool Light With Suction Cup Magnet (pack Of 2)

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Product Description

Diving LED light, battery-powered remote control waterproof light for fish tank vase base pond wedding party

Why is this diving LED light suitable for you?
The fully upgraded diving LED lights will bring you a better experience than ordinary lights. It can create a sweet and dreamy atmosphere in swimming pools, bathtubs, vases, parties and other places. Enjoying exquisite decorations for your house is a great pleasure. We believe that the perfect accessories are designed to enhance the style of your house.

If you want to add color to the monotonous life, please choose our diving lights!

Some amazing upgrade features of this product:
¡ñIn terms of brightness, our pond lamp has 13 built-in LEDs, which is brighter than other built-in 10 LEDs; our lamp is larger in size, with a diameter of 3.35 inches, while the traditional lamp is only 2.75 inches; the traditional lamp uses PC transparent The bottom shell, and our lamp uses better quality ABS opaque material, which can make the colored beam extend farther in the vertical direction.

¡ñIn terms of waterproofing, our pond lamp has a higher IP68 protection level, is more durable, has an upgraded structure, has better waterproof, dustproof and weatherproof functions, and can work normally for a long time even in cold or bad weather; Our lamp also adds a light-permeable waterproof sealing ring to double the waterproof effect, and because the middle of the lamp is opaque, the bright light will project a beautiful ring, which is more beautiful than ordinary lamps.

¡ñFor durability, our pond lamp uses 3 * AA batteries (not included) and can last for 20 hours, while ordinary AAA batteries can only work for about 6 hours.

Stronger RF remote control
The radio frequency remote control is much stronger than IR (infrared), the RF remote control can be controlled in any direction and can work in the air up to 164ft/50m

In the water up to 100ft / 30m, one RF remote control can easily control multiple lights,

But the infrared remote control can only carry out direction control within a distance of 2 feet. When used underwater within 66 feet, the control range will be greatly reduced. Please approach the light and control it.

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