DIY Garden Path Maker

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The DIY Garden Path Maker allows you to create your own beautiful paths without spending a fortune!

Simply fill the molds with cements, let it dry, then remove and fill the gaps with shingle, sand or soil. The four molds allow you to create a modern block-paving design or a natural looking path with out irregular-shaped mold.

garden path maker mold

Its even possible to choose the color of your path by adding your preferred coloring pigment to the cement before pouring. Saves you a ton of money and adds a stunning and natural stone element to your garden.

Very easy to apply and no skills are required.

Step-by-step Instructions:

1. Clear the area you want your path and place your mold down
2. Prepare concrete in separate container
3. Pour wet concrete into chosen mold
4. Use trowel, board or other straight edge item to smooth out the concrete
5. Add desired decoration (if any) while cement is still wet. This might include shells, hand prints, stones or anything else you can think of.
6. Allow to set overnight
7. Remove mold
8. Add fill dust, shingle, sand or soil to the gaps in between and sweep clean. 

It's as simple as that!


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