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You no longer have to feel like a door attendant every time your dog or cat desires to be outside, or let into a room. Allow trusted and well behaved pets to independently be able to come and go as they please. They're responsible enough to deserve the freedom, and you deserve to not have to worry about always having to open the door for them. Also help keep bugs out of your home if you're someone who has to leave the door cracked or fully open for your pet to be able to come back inside. 

4 Customizable Locking Options

With so many different situational needs for doggy doors, you can be sure that this door will fit your situation, because you can change the locking options to fit you! With four locking options of: In Only, Out Only, Free Access, and Fully Locked, you can limit the door's access funnels however and whenever you like. 

Many of our customers love this feature because it makes it super easy to allow their pets to roam freely during the daytime, and then keep their pets safely inside at night time. Whatever situation you need a door like this for, you can fully control its functionality exactly as you need to.

Quality Barrier

Fit with a microfiber lining, this doggie door keeps the A/C inside during the hot summer months, and keeps the cold out during cold winter months. With microfiber lined insulation, you can be sure no unwanted bugs come through the dog door thanks to the soft, tight fit. 

Minimize Potty Accidents

If this concern applies to you, professional dog trainers recommend dog doors to help with this issue of inside bathroom accidents. The easier access your pet has to relieve themselves in the appropriate places, the less they will go potty in inappropriate places. Whether this is your dog in need of access to the outdoors, or your cat needing access to their litter box; this door provides the solution. 

Specifications :

Material : Plastic

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