Heavy Duty 3 Ton Floor Car Jack Stand Set

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Heavy Duty 3 Ton Floor Car Jack Stand Set

Work on your car with extreme ease by using our jack stand to lift it up. Our car jack stand was built to help you raise your car, giving you easy access to hard to reach areas. 

Despite its compact size, the 3 ton jack stand is capable of carrying vehicles more than 100 times its size. Its unmatched strength ensures that your vehicle stays fully lifted while you spend hours on repairs.

With a self-locking feature, the heavy duty jack stand will stay locked at all times, giving you much-needed security. Equipped with an iron ratchet bar, the floor jack stand can be adjusted up to 17 inches in height for your convenience.

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Best part of all, the jack stand comes in pairs to evenly lift your vehicle for a safer repair experience. Ensure that you always have extra security by setting up a car jack stand on each end of your car.


HEAVY-DUTY - Made with high-quality steel, the 3 ton jack stand has the capacity of lifting cars up to 6,000 lbs in weight. With its solid build, the heavy duty jack stand can keep your heaviest vehicle lifted for hours in a day.

EASY TO USE - Our floor jack stand comes with all the components that you need to fully set it up. All that you have to do is to connect the ratchet bar to the base and it's ready to support the full weight of your car.

STURDY - Equipped with a triangular base, the jack stand stays sturdy through hours of work. The weight of the car is evenly distributed through three points, keeping it balanced throughout the repair.


Ranges in height: from 11.22" to 16.7"
Weight capacity: 3 Ton (6,000 lb)
Material: Forged steel


2x Car jack stand

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