All In One Christmas Mantle Stocking Holder Set

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All In One Christmas Mantle Stocking Holder Set

Hang all your stockings on top of the chimney with the help of our vibrant stocking holder set. Our Christmas stocking holder was designed to hang your stockings all in a row to make your chimney look more festive.

mantle stocking holder

Easily pack your stocking with gifts and treats when they're held up by the stocking hanger. With its heavy-duty hooks, the compact mantle stocking hanger can carry treats up to nine pounds in weight.

Equipped with a lengthy base, the Christmas stocking hanger can easily be stuck onto any mantle with the help of an adhesive. Not only that, but it also comes with a sturdy hook that will keep your stockings from falling to the ground.

christmas stocking holder for mantle

Even better, the stocking holder set comes with beautiful Christmas charms that you can even wear on your clothes. Add a bit of Christmas cheer to your chimney or mantle by hanging your stockings on the wall stocking holder set.


ANTI-SKID - With its smooth design, the mantle stocking hook features an anti-skid molding that won't damage the surface of your mantle. This way, you'll be able to maintain the beauty of your mantle while hanging all your stockings in a row.

MULTI-PURPOSE - Not only is the stocking holder perfect for hanging stockings, but it is also great to use in the kitchen, bathroom, workshop, and more. It can be used to hold up cooking equipment like pans and bathroom essentials like loofas.

DURABLE - Coated with a lightweight metal spraying treatment, the Christmas stocking holder is highly durable and can withstand years of use. These mantle stocking holder pieces won't rust or melt even when they sit on top of a hot chimney.


[Set of 4] Light-Weight: 1.1oz 
[Set of 6] Light-weight: 1.5oz Per Piece 
Material: Lightweight Metal
Maximum Load: 9 Pounds 


1x set Mantle stocking holder

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