Lemon Lime Citrus Fruit Sprayer (3Pc Set)

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Flavor your favorite drinks, season your salad, seafood or any other food recipe you like with a light misting of fresh citrus fruits! To use the Creative Lemon Sprayer, simply slice a small layer off the top of the lemon or lime, then stab the sprayer into the area you just cut, screwing it all the way in. You can then push the nozzle at the top of the device to dispense the juices from inside the fruit on whatever dish you like. The lemon citrus spray can work with pretty much any type of citrus fruit, not just lemons, and limes.

Love yourself some all-natural fresh lemon zest in your food but hate getting your hands full of that lemony-stickiness that won’t leave your hands even though you already washed them? Why not instead of slicing up lemons each time you want to bring out that zing in your food, you could try this Creative Lemon Sprayer! This citrus sprayer is designed to screw it directly into the top of any lemon or lime and instantly turn it into a “spray bottle” that will spritz out lemon or lime juice fresh from the fruit and onto whatever you like!

This lemon spray is great not only on food but it is also useful when cleaning and the process calls for lemon as a material or ingredient in sanitizing or refreshing cleaning procedures. The sprayer keeps things mess-free and easy to handle in any kind of situation you use it for. The lemon juice spray easily comes apart for easy cleaning and as a bonus, it is dishwasher safe. It is important, however, to wash it thoroughly to remove all the pulp from both the filter and the sprayer as it could impair the proper functioning of the citrus sprayer.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Large 10.5cm Sprayer 
  • 1 x Small 8cm Sprayer
  • Silicone stand for fruit when not in use

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