Nail-Free Shower Shelf Space Saver

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Now, you can make clever and convenient use of your shower space, using this smart Nail-Free Shower Shelf Space Saver! 

This clever Shower Shelf Space Saver will keep your bathroom looking clean and tidy. By adding instant storage to your bathroom, you can now make the most of that unused corner room. Shampoo bottles, conditioner, loofah sponges, razors, washcloths, and more can all be stored in this convenient caddy.


  • MULTIPLE STORAGE AND HANGERS - It has two main shelves that can be rotated up to 180 degrees, four foldable hooks for hanging sponges and loofas, a towel hanger, and a handy side storage box for accessories and other objects.
  • MODERN AND MINIMALIST LOOK - Its modern and minimalist colour scheme allows it to fit in with any wall design or bathroom decor.
  • NAIL-FREE EASY INSTALLATION - There's no need for a drill or hammer and nails with the Nail-Free Shower Shelf Space Saver, so there's no dent in your walls! Since it's built to fit perfectly into the corner of your shower using strong adhesive strips, installing your shower caddy is simple and fast.
  • ROTATES UP TO 180 DEGREES - The caddy rotates 90 degrees to make the most of your space layout and is capable of 180 degrees arbitrary rotation. It's the perfect choice for cleaning and de-cluttering! 
  • DRAINAGE HOLES - It features built-in drainage holes that promote faster air-drying of stored items.
  • SPACE SAVING - It's an ideal storage option for college dorm rooms, apartment, small-space shower or to add minimalist touch to your shower design. This shower caddy lets you organize your bath area without having to make any major renovations. 

You add an impressive amount of storage, with very little effort and if you need more space, you can always buy two or more for a stacked or layered look!

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