Premium Handheld Manual Glass And Tile Cutter

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Premium Handheld Manual Glass And Tile Cutter

Working on glass and tiling jobs and in need of a glass cutter to give your materials perfect initial cuts? Our tile cutter was made to help you with all your glass and tile cutting needs in a fast and convenient way!

glass cutting tool

Made with high-quality plastic and alloy material, the tile trimmer is able to handle your hand's weight while it presses down to make deep cuts. It is also very lightweight, making the ceramic tile cutter easy to handle no matter how many glass and tiles you have to go through.

Fitted with a sharp cutting wheel, the tile cutting tool deeply cuts through hard glass and tile with extreme ease. This also ensures that the manual tile cutter glides smoothly through the material for a quick cutting job.

glass cutter

Best out of all, the tile cutter also comes with its own breaker on top, saving you time from using a separate device just to get the job done. Pre-cut and break your glass and tile materials with no fail by using the ultra-convenient glass cutting tool.


DURABLE - With its wear-resistant build, the tile trimmer gives you long-lasting service without sacrificing quality. It's also made of durable material that can withstand constant use on hard glass and tiles.

ERGONOMIC - This ceramic tile cutter fits perfectly in your hand while you continuously cut tiles throughout the day. Have a comfortable grip on the extended handle of the tile cutting tool and never miss a cut.

EASY TO USE - Our manual tile cutter has all the components that you need to create deep cuts on hard materials. All you have to do is to slide the glass cutter onto the surface of the glass or tile for deep cutting.


Material: Alloy, plastic
Handle length: 3.35 in


1x Tile cutter

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