Professional Yoga Wheel

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Get rid of your annoying back pain, and make your yoga sessions more enjoyable with our easy to use?Yoga Wheel!

The?Back Training Yoga Wheel?is different than any other back pain relief solution on the market. It is built 5" wide, giving you the stability to support your body, while still fitting between your shoulder blades. This allows you to roll out your entire back, and neck. Our patented spinal canal and proprietary Compression Sensitive Padding give your back the comfort to open up and relax.
This Yoga?Wheel?not only gives you the support you need to begin practicing backbends but also improves your posture, which has been linked to an increase in positive thoughts, self-esteem, and life expectancy!


CHANGE YOUR LIFE: Back massage, better balance, more flexibility and core strength are among the many advantageous benefits of the wheel. Create deeper asana - the physical practice of yoga and its strengthening postures

MULTIPLE HEALTH BENEFITS: Scientific research supports the mental and physical benefits of yoga. Mentally, yoga can reduce stress and anxiety. Physically you can achieve a more flexible, shapely, and internally healthy body.?This Yoga Wheel is the perfect yoga companion.

SUPERIOR CONSTRUCTION:This Yoga Wheel is made of high-quality, durable ABS material. It's sturdy, safe, and comfortable unlike other flimsier yoga wheels on the market.

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